Organizing for Pandemic & Long-term Housing Protections

In light of the Supreme Court’s August 2021 decision to vacate the CDC Eviction Moratorium and impending expiration of many state and local pandemic-era protections, we are continuing to uplift housing justice organizers’ calls for federal, state/territorial, and local action to keep people safely housed – now and beyond the pandemic, including hotel programs for unhoused people and rent and utility debt cancellation. Use these new resources from our network to push for short and long-term housing protections in your area: 
  • Infographic – Housing is Key to Health 
  • Video – Public Health Awakened members speaking to why housing is critical for health and calling for lasting housing protections 
  • Action Guide: The Only Way Out – Actions and resources to take action locally and nationally to address the structurally-created, preventable conditions contributing to the ongoing devastating COVID-19 surge

More resources: