Organizing for Pandemic & Long-term Housing Protections

Infographic and video making the connections between health and housing.

In light of the Supreme Court’s August 2021 decision to vacate the CDC Eviction Moratorium and impending expiration of many state and local pandemic-era protections, we are continuing to uplift housing justice organizers’ calls for federal, state/territorial, and local action to keep people safely housed – now and beyond the pandemic, including hotel programs for unhoused people and rent and utility debt cancellation. Use these new resources from our network to push for short and long-term housing protections in your area: 
  • Infographic – Housing is Key to Health 
  • Video – Public Health Awakened members speaking to why housing is critical for health and calling for lasting housing protections 
  • Action Guide: The Only Way Out – Actions and resources to take action locally and nationally to address the structurally-created, preventable conditions contributing to the ongoing devastating COVID-19 surge

More resources: