The Only Way Out: Transform our Conditions to Halt the Virus

In September 2021, President Biden announced a new prong in the federal government’s strategy to combat COVID-19 – establishing vaccine mandates for almost 2/3rds of workers in the US, including healthcare workers, federal contractors, large businesses, and the vast majority of federal workers. While this push may stem the tide of the current surge, vaccinations alone will not address the ongoing harms experienced by the communities most impacted by the pandemic.

Health workers and health organizations signed onto a letter to the Biden Administration and Congress urging them to take bolder action on what communities most harmed by injustice have called for since the start of the pandemic: stronger workplace protections; access to safe, affordable housing; decarceration of jails, prisons, and detention centers; and expanded vaccine access.

Please use the letter as we as the accompanying action guide to take action on these issue nationally and locally. The actions in the action guide are periodically updated and much of the language from the letter can be used anytime to talk about a wide range of issues.


The earlier version of this Action Guide that originally accompanied the Sept 2021 letter to the Biden Administration and Congress at the height of the Delta surge can be found here.